Plant List

CNC Turning Centers

Nakamura-Tome AS200 Twin Spindle 5 axis Lathe, Live tooling Y axis. 65mm Diameter bar Capacity, Hydrafeed Bar Loader.
Mori-Seiki SL203 Twin Spindle Lathe, 65mm Diameter Bar capacity, Iemca Bar Loader.
Takisawa TC20 (x2) Live Tooling, C axis, 52mm Diameter Bar Capacity. Hydrafeed Bar Feeder
Takisawa TC3 Single Spindle 2 Axis Lathe, 65mm Diameter Bar capacity, Chucking up to 10”
Takisawa EX308 Single Spindle 3-Axis Lathe, Live Tooling, 51mm Diameter Bar capacity, Hydrafeed Bar Loader
Takisawa LA50Y Single Spindle 4-Axis Lathe, Live tooling Y axis, 75mm Diameter Bar capacity, Hydrafeed Bar Loader
Nakamura Tome AS200 Takisawa EX308 Mori-Seiki SL 203

Sliding Head CNC Turning Centres

Star SR-20J (x2)

We have two SR20 J Sliding Headstock CNC lathes equipped with Fanuc NC 18i-TB control system. 7 axis capability, fitted with main and sub-spindles to provide simultaneous machining operations, also power tooling fitted to enable high productivity and complex machining. Barfeed capacity 2-20mm diameter.

Star SR-32J  (x3)

7-Axis machines with a 32mm diameter bar capacity, expandable to 35mm diameter stock bar. High pressure coolant and 35mm FMB Bar feeders.

Manurhin KMX 226 (x2)  +Sliding headstock CNC lathe equipped with GEFanuc OTT control. Live tools fitted enabling cross drilling and polygon milling operations to be performed. Barfeed capacity 3mm to 26mm
Maier 32B CNC Sliding Headstock Lathe Multi axis CNC Lathe to incorporate live tooling, milling and drilling ops on material up to 32mm diameter. 
STAR SR-32J Maier 32B CNC Sliding Headstock Lathe
CNC Milling / Machining Centres:
MoriSeiki DuraVertical Mill Dura5060 3 Axis Vertical Machining Centre, complete with Mori-Seiki DDR 200 Rotary table. 900mm x 500mm Table DDRT-200 4th Axis Rotary Table
HAAS VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center, HRT 210 4 th Axis Rotary Table, 1016mm x 635mm Table
HAAS VF-3SS CNC Vertical Machining Centre, HRT 210 4 th Axis Rotary Table, 1016mm x 635mm Table
HAAS Super Mini-Mill HA5C 4 th Axis Rotary Table, 406mm x 305mm Table
Finishing Machines:
Vibratory Circular Bowl 110 litre Capacity - Finishing and De-Burring
Colchester Centre Lathe 6” Chuck Capacity - Turning and Threading
Various Milling Drilling Lathes, Pillar Drills - Second Operations
Engraving Dot Marking Engraving - Identification of parts

Inspection Equipment

Inspection equipment fitted to employ the latest Statistical Program Control software.


CAD Software
SolidWorks software

State of the art CAD software packages